Is it Bad Caps, Drivers or Your Overclock?

This essays all the useful troubleshooting of both drivers and bad caps in the Emu 1820 series of pci cards. I've had the BSODS from drivers and noise spikes and complete failure from bad caps. But follow these steps and this card is still as fantastic as anything out there. There is something special about these cards in function, dsp, glorious sound and all that I/O. Some say this Emu1820m sounds BETTER than even recent RME offerings! "StarMan" by Bowie was recorded on an 1820m as was the Moody Blue's "Tuesday Afternoon." Useful threads on Drivers and/or Bad Caps: Replaced Caps in Emu 1820 but No POWER - Badcaps Forums I've archived some research on Emu 1820m Issues below. These are saved locally because in some cases the websites have gone down.–-E-MU-1820M-PCI-Sound-Card-Revisited.htm,000uf-50V-Fake-Badcaps-Forums.htm Is it your Bad Caps or Drivers or your Overclock? For me it was Bad Caps and my Overclock, but I thought it was my driver! What a NIGHTMARE if you pick the wrong issue! If it's windows or driver problems you'll get recording failures, BSODS, crashes, freezes and such. But if you are getting funny lights or very very bad glitchy sound, that's leaning toward an overclock or bad caps. KEEP IN MIND this: If you have lots of apps or even two that COMPETE for the resources of this card, you are asking for trouble. ESPECIALLY if one is running a 48k sound source, requiring the card to switch to that mode, and a 44.1k source or requirement. I've been running all kinds of apps at the same time though, but I do STOP the playback on unused apps. To test I'll run Kmplayer and Firefox youtube multiple videos. And it all works flawlessly. But DO NOT have a DAW such as Cubase or Reaper open while doing other video audio stuff. That's just inviting the devil into your home! If you have glitchy, freezy, BSOD types of trouble with your Emu, go to a default factory clock speed on your CPU/Motherboard. Then if you still have issues, especially sound spikes on the Patchmix channel meters (you have to insert them on each channel strip!) You could have a redundant sound loop giving feedback (just a configuration problem) or IT IS A BAD CAP. If your Emu is around 12 or so years old, it's probably entering bad cap territory. But with a 140watt solder gun it's a quick job to heat, pull and then reinsert the new caps. Also see Emu 1820m: Best Drivers in 2018 for Windows 7 64bit Many uninstall their drivers for the Emu 1820 not realizing they can fix them with cap replacement. Reinstalling things CAN BE A NIGHTMARE. I hope this hasty journal helps people keep these priceless Emu alive! I have used Reaper and various 1820m 1820 rigs with the 1820m for years on XP and then Win7 without BSODs - UNTIL I tried using the latest Win7 Beta Drivers after replacing the bad capacitors. You know, the usual two bad caps infamously blamed in many articles.

Emu 1820M Diary and Log

Reaper ha10kx2k.sys BSODs all the time... - Cockos Confederated Forums After replacing my bad capacitors and upon attempting to reinstall the Emu 1820 drivers, I encountered the "you have previously installed drivers without rebooting" error. This is a DEAD STOP for installing the PCDrv Emu driver of any kind or version. I resolved this by using "Driver Sweeper." This is NOT one of those scam apps which attempt to bilk you out of large fees for fixing "errors" they find. This is open source freeware. Driver Sweeper was written by a music guy who was tired of manually removing Creative Drivers (they make Emu stuff) and wrote a tiny app to do this automatically. If you are uninstalling Emu drivers - USE IT. If you get the "you have previously installed drivers without rebooting" error, it's because there are registry entries or temp files or some kind of flag IN YOUR specific Windows USER ACCOUNT PROFILE. To get around this, create a brand new Win7 Admin User account. (it might work with another existing account, but I got tired of too much trial and error) This user profile will NOT have the flags, files or registry entries (who knows what triggers the error) which caused the "previously installed drivers" error. When logged into this account, perhaps even from Safe Mode, run Driver Sweeper and "Check the Creative - Sound box." (It will also clean Intel, ASUS sound, Nvidia, etc). Click analyze. It will show you the remnant leftovers from the Creative installs, whether for built in sound cards or the EMU cards. Hit the clean button to remove. If it asks you to reboot, don't do it from the app. But do reboot manually. App reboots are often trouble. I also ran the registry and file parts of CCleaner before installing. Then I was able to install whatever Emu driver I liked BUT ONLY FROM THE NEWLY CREATED user account. This install of both the Emu driver and patchmix app are universal to all user accounts so when you log back into your usual account, things will be great. =====So which Emu Drivers Worked without BSOD on Windows 7 64x? Using the wrong combinations of drivers meant hangs and blue screens often related to ha10kx2k.sys. The whole post about which drivers are best and why is here: "Emu 1820m: Best Drivers in 2018 for Windows 7 64bit" I've posted the article and the PatchMix App and 1820m hardware Driver here: [url][/url] What you want is this combo!
EmuPMX_PCApp_US_2_20_00.exe + (Notice the 2-20!)
If anyone tells you to use 2.10 Patchmix with 2.20 beta driver, think twice! EmuPMX_PCApp_L6_2_10_00.exe (wrong Patchmix version!) EmuPMX_PCDrv_US_2_30_00_BETA.exe (Right Driver)

Happy Epilogue!

Over the past 2 days, I replaced TWO 1820 sets of caps. One was an 1820 non-M, the other an 1820m. The 1820 had noise spikes on first one channel, then two then all. But it would warm up and work intermittently. Now it works like new. On the 1820m, I had HEART FAILURE. When last I used it, it was just noise spikes, like the other. But when I turned it back on just now - ALL HARDWARE inputs, save for the adats and spdif were GONE. The Patchmix said, "You don't have sufficient hardware..." That was a new and more serious error. Apparently just in storage, the caps had gotten worse...or so I thought. What scared me was when I opened the 1820m - NO CAPS LOOKED BAD. I thought, crap, WHO KNOWS what the issue is. The typical two looked great, not even a hint of bulge or seepage. Still, I forged ahead and replaced them, just like the other. ALL IS WORKING LIKE NEW NOW. On both units. Apparently, these two caps are THE MAJOR ISSUE and only issue, for me for the last 10 years.

Here is a quick look at some of the drivers I've collected!

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Emu 1820m: Best Drivers in 2018 for Windows 7 64bit

In this thread Nana recommends an Emu 1820m driver combo that caused me big trouble! EmuPMX_PCApp_L6_2_10_00.exe + EmuPMX_PCDrv_US_2_30_00_BETA.exe

I beg to differ.

You want instead: EmuPMX_PCApp_US_2_20_00.exe + (Notice the 2-20!) EmuPMX_PCDrv_US_2_30_00_BETA.exe

Click to See

I've been using the 1820m for a decade+. The above worked at first, but began to be attended by intermittent audio failure and needless heartache. That combo pits the latest beta Emu PCDrv driver with an older PCApp PatchMix version regression. The Beta is much newer and needs a newer patchmix version. Nana's combo caused general windows audio freezes and recording in Reaper and Cubase tended to fail quickly. HOWEVER, the latest 1616m Patchmix app is MUCH newer and has been tested far more on Windows 7 architecture. Use it: it WORKS GREAT with the Emu 1820m on Windows 7 64 with the 1820m beta driver. I've posted the right driver and app here for download. On the page, look at the folder comparison of dates for the latest 1820m Patchmix vs the latest 1616m Patchmix. YEARS newer. I've been running the latest 1820m Beta driver (can't find it on Emu anymore) with the latest 1616m PatchMix app. I've hit Cubase, Reaper and all kinds of Firefox/Chrome Video playback and played many videos at once, even while Reaper and Cubase were open. NO PROBLEMS YET. With Nana's setup I could do none of this very long without crashing, especially as the days progressed on an install. I was constantly reinstalling the PCDriv, which fixed things, for a while. Nana's combo was not sustainable. I spent a year of my life scratching my head at why my new windows install had buggy audio AND video and even firefox was affected, since content relies so heavily on audio these days. I'll keep the driver zip file up for a while. It contains the combo I recommend, the one that works very well indeed: 1820m Beta Drv + latest 1616m PcApp (meaning PatchMix). You can find the latest 1820m and 1616m stuff below. But you will NOT find the 1820m Beta Driver anymore. At least I could not find it on Emu's website. Also, you can extract the driver and app files from Emu using Winrar, into folders. Keeps you from having to run the exe, which extracts first, then installs from a directory created temporarily before deleting the extracted files. Hope this helps someone and saves some pain! I can't live without the sound of this Emu 1820m card. I've tried other nice stuff, but there's a sound quality I find intoxicating from the Emu's preamps and "vintage," circuitry. By the way, the two infamous "Bad capacitors" did fail on two of my Emu 1820m's. But I bought some Nichicon caps off Ebay, pulled the bad, soldered in the good and Voila! Like new! I posted about that journey here: I hope if we keep the 1820m going, they will do a REISSUE of this gem! Happy Recording!
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